Saturday, 2nd September 2017
The FamilyTreeDNA building in Houston Texas was relatively unharmed during hurricane Harvey although the electric power supply to the building was completely lost.   Consequently FTDNA's own generators have been busy keeping the lab and DNA storage safe since they were well prepared for Harvey and everything did what it was supposed to do.   Normal power is currently being restored.

Last night a new statement was issued explaining that telephone and e-mail services are now nearly back to normal but the Post Office has stated that they will not be picking up any mail until Friday, 8th September.   However, customer services are thinly stretched because FTDNA employees are still dealing with the aftermath of Harvey both at home and in the office.   Despite this, many employees will be working through the holiday weekend in order to get everything back on track as quickly as possible.

The Hickmore Archive has received categorical assurance that none of the Hickmore project's stored DNA has been damaged in any way.
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