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Genealogical Websites

The Gooderson Archive website is very similar in layout to this one. Housing genealogical information regarding the name Gooderson, it is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) and is located at http://www.gooderson.org
The Molen Archive website is also very similar in layout but houses genealogical information regarding the name Molen instead. Itís registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies and located at http://www.molen.org.uk
General information about the Rayment (Family History) Society can be found on its public website at http://www.rayment.org which is also Guild-registered. Other websites that are run by the Rayment Society include http://www.rayment.info (which is password protected) together with a quite separate one at http://www.rayment.biz that is used by the society to publish newsflashes when required.

Barbara Harvey of Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, England is conducting three officially registered One-Name Studies, each of which has its own website. The three surnames concerned are Fernyhough, Loverock and Startin, the websites for each of which are http://www.fernyhough.name and http://www.loverock.name and http://www.startin.name respectively.

Non-Genealogical Sites
Non-Genealogical sites operated by this webmaster include personal ones such as http://www.rayment.name together with http://www.amanda.rayment.name, old school ones such as http://www.eastcourtschool.uk and business ones such as http://www.larkresearch.co.uk
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Roy Rayment may be contacted by Skype. His Skype Name is: Raysearch
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