Hickmore Fen is a wooded area on the Western side of the small Essex village of Chappel, England.

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It appears originally to have been part of a much larger wood, known about the year 1148 as "Britricswood" and later as "Brightwood", situated to the South of the river Colne on the Western parish boundary, but most of the wood had probably been cleared by 1402.

Records indicate that Hickmore Fen was a wood or alder carr in 1593.


On the map of Chappel shown above, which was plotted about the year 1810, Hickmore Fen appears as the wooded area (indicated by the number 14) to the left of the centre and was still in existence in 1999. [NB: A much enlarged version can be seen by clicking anywhere on the above map]


No information has been found to explain why this particular wooded area came to be named Hickmore Fen and it is thought unlikely that any explanation has survived.


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